Is the Duolingo English test helpful in getting a US study Visa?

20 May 2022

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Are you aspiring to be admitted to one of the top-tier universities in the US? If you want to study abroad, especially in a country like the US, one thing is sure. You will have to take an English proficiency test like SAT, ART, and IELTS to be admitted to the US. But is there any other test that serves the same purpose but is also comparatively easy and affordable at the same time?
If you’re willing to take an English language test that is both easy and affordable, what could be better than the Duolingo English test. Duolingo is a 60-minute online test that will give you results within 48 hours. It will undoubtedly brighten your chance to study in the USA since over 1,415 colleges accept it. Another benefit of taking this test is its affordability, with a minimal fee of only $50.

Duolingo and US college admissions

Since the pandemic outbreak, the Duolingo test has significantly gained importance. Over 1000 programs in 1,415 different colleges accept Duolingo as the English proficiency test. The test is designed to get more challenging with every answer, and students are given one hour to complete the test. The test is computer-graded to get the results quickly compared to other English proficiency tests.
When it comes to the universities that accept this test, Washington University, Stanford University, New York University, Swarthmore College, and some universities from the IVY league also accept Duolingo.

Duolingo and the US high commission

Undoubtedly, the Duolingo English test has gained significant importance over the years. Over 1,415 private and public institutions acknowledge the test when it comes to US admissions. This means that this test is also accepted by the US high commission that awards the student Visas. Many institutes also offer Visa approval and admission based on the Duolingo result.
So, you can not only apply for study in the USA based on Duolingo, but it will also prove to be helpful to attain the study Visa in any renowned public or private college. Therefore, if you wish to study abroad and are passionate about targeting top-tier universities in the USA, you definitely need to go for Duolingo after researching which universities accept the test.