Why Don’t Consultants Recommend Scholarships for Study Visas?

16 Jun 2022

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Are you enthusiastic about studying abroad?

Let’s galvanize your thoughts about becoming an international student by talking about scholarships. Many foreign colleges endow this facility for meritorious students. When an educational institute aids a student by granting some amount of
their fee, it’s called a scholarship. Unfortunately, many immigration consultancies do not offer
aspiring students, this means of benefit for studying internationally. Let us see
how scholarships for study visas can be resourceful.

Range of International scholarships available and eligibility:

These benefits start from as low as 500 dollars to as high as 20,000 dollars. There are many
different quotas, eligibility, and reasons for granting this facility to the students. All educational institutes have a different list of criteria for them. Some provide these as a promotional task to attract more pupils and attention to their institute, and some institutes follow a strict rule of granting scholarships according to the grades. So, a good IELTS band and high grades could be your ticket to gaining this advantage. You can request your consultant to fill out your applications and check your eligibility.

The authenticity of your scholarship

Never indulge in a verbal agreement with your consultant. So, if you have someone providing you with a scholarship on-arrival basis, please do not believe them. Scholarships are legitimate and sanctioned with complete documentation. A letter is issued informing you of the entire break-up of your sanctioned benefit with your name and credentials as proof. Having a scholarship letter in your visa application increases your chances of approval. Avoid any consultant who provides you with a verbal commitment with no documentation.

Why don’t immigration agents emphasize scholarship:

Immigration consultancies do not offer this facility because the education institutes have not
provided such benefits. Colleges that provide scholarships for study visas are tied-up with limited immigration consultancies in India. New consultancies do not have the convenience of offering this benefit. Many consultancies might try to lure you under the pretense of offering you once you reach college. Hence, choose your immigration agent wisely. You should
always select an experienced firm because educational institutes provide these benefits to
professional and long-serving firms.

Study abroad scholarships at Eduland:

Mr. Gurpreet Singh Channa, founder, and CEO of Eduland Immigration, has over 15 years of experience in this business. We have tied up with many good colleges abroad and have the advantage of offering scholarships for study visas. As a visa agency, we are interested in your welfare and believe in helping students determined to study abroad. We not only help in your visa applications but also help you to save money. We reckon money saved is money earned. Studying abroad is an expensive dream for many families, and scholarships are a way of cutting down the expenses.
Ask your consultant about the scholarships before spending your hard-earned money. Conduct a market survey and look for a visa application firm that provides a true commitment. To get your eligibility assessed, fill out your applications with a trustworthy consultant.