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Germany is also today’s ideal destination for international students and International students value the quality of education, hands-on experiences provided during studies, and most importantly, the safe and friendly environment which German Universities offer. There are various options to study in top German universities in cities like Munich, Berlin, and 40 other cities. Germany is a world leader in innovation with leading universities.

 Germany is enlisted as the world’s fourth and fifth largest economy globally and a leading exporter of machinery, vehicles, chemicals, and household equipment. Germany is one of the most populous countries in the European Union bordered by countries named Poland, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Austria, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Berlin, the capital and the largest city, is known as the crucial urban centre of Germany. Besides, Germany is also endowed with some stunning landscapes. German is the official language of Germany, as 95% of the population are speaking German as their first language.

 Germany has excellent state of Art Facilities and infrastructure of institutes and Universities offering international education. German universities also provide scholarships to international students. Germany education is highly ranked and globally recognised. Germany being a leader in innovation has a stable economy and provides post study employment opportunities to all international students. It also has affordable living standards and tuition fees for international students.

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EI Overseas Education Process


Blocked Account is a type of Ban account for foreign students in Germany opened up to deposit the required amount of money in order to cover the living expenses for one year and serves as a proof of financial resources a particular student have for German student visa.This account can be opened in banks like Kotak Bank,Fintiba,Deutsche bank etc.

Total amount of money a student needs to keep in his blocked account is 861 Euros * 12 which means student will be getting 861 Euros on monthly basis while his studies in Germany. The total amount in blocked Account may be increased or decreased depending upon the Euro rate and hence it is advisable for students to check euro rate before doing blocked account payment.

IELTS requirement depends on the type of university/college student is applying to.IELTS requirement ranges from overall 6.5 with no bands less than 6.0 in each.Some universities also provide conditional admission on the basis of student’s personal interview.

National Visa is a type of visa which allows you to stay more than 90 days in Germany.

Yes,many universities offer their undergraduate and postgraduate courses in English. Many public universities also offer some courses in English and some in German Language.

Travel health insurance cover medical expenses in case of an injury or unexpected sickness that arises while your stay in Germany. This states your ability to personally cover any health care needs during the stay out in Germany. Travel Health insurance is a must for all people seeing today’s COVID 19 situation which has been a global pandemic in very short span of time.

The German school system is divided into 5 levels:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Primary Education
  • Secondary Education

  • Tertiary Education

  • Continuing Education

An international student pursuing a full time course at a DLI institution with a valid study permit having length of more than 6 months is eligible to work both on campus and off campus.During the studies,student can work 20 hours per week and can work for 40 hours per week during vacations.They can earn anywhere between 11 CAD to 18 CAD per hour and a lot of students cover their living expense and some amount of their tuition fees from their part time work.After completion of their studies,international students need have a valid work permit to work in Canada and have option of 1-3 year of stayback depending on the length of their program in Canada.

Studying and graduating from Canada brings lot of career opportunities for international applicants.Many applicants are interested to apply for permanent residency due to the career growth and good quality of lifein Canada and moreover governmet of Canada also retains foreign applicants who graduated from their institutions.Canada welcome applicants to apply for both temporary study and work visa and permanent residency both.International applicants can apply for permanent residency through below given options:

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) : Each of Canada’s provinces and territories ,except Quebec and Nunavat,operate its own PNP program with different streams.For example,of you have a job offer in Ontario then you can apply PR through Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC) : Any international Student who has studied 2 year full time and have atleast one year of work experience in a full time skilled position may qualify for PR under this category.

Federal Skilled Worker Class : This program takes several factors apart from work ecperience such as age ,Language ability,skills etc for processing.

OL stands for offer letter which is an acceptance for international student who applied for his further studies in Canada.COL stands for Conditional offer letter and which is also a form of acceptance but with some conditions mentioned on the offer letter and student has to complete the conditions before moving forward.LOA stands for Letter of Acceptance which is obtained once the tuition fees is paid to the college.Some Canadian institutions offer LOA at the very fist stage and some offer LOA after the tuition fees is paid and it depends the type of college/university student is applying for.

GIC stands for Gauranteed Investment Certificate which offers a guaranteed investment over a fixed period of time.International students are required to open up GIC account and pay CAD 10200 as their living cost for one year which will be paid to them on monthly basis once they reach Canada.This GIC service can be taken from any one the banks like Scotia Bank/ICICI Bank / SBI Canada /HSBC / Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

Canada makes a large investment in its education system. In fact, Canada is one of the world’s top education performers and among the top three countries in spending per capita on public post-secondary education, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Canadian Education is generally divided into primary education, followed by secondary education and post-secondary. Within the provinces under the ministry of education, there are district school boards administering the educational programs.

Qualifications offered to international Students :

  • Certificate level for one year
  • Diploma Level for two year
  • Advanced Diploma for two or Three year
  • Bachelor Degree for three or four year
  • Graduate Certificate / Postgraduate Diplomas for one or two year
  • Doctorate or PHD for four to seven years

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