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It is always appealing to travel to a new country. Almost everyone wants to settle and get a permanent residency in the country they study when it comes to students. However, not all countries are so accommodating and student-centric. While some countries offer residency opportunities, students must also cover the extra mile to meet their residency criteria. So, let’s look at some of the most sought-after countries and the settlement opportunities.


Undoubtedly, Canada is considered one of the most immigration-friendly countries globally. You have the dual opportunity to both work and study in Canada. The country offers a three-year work permit to students once they have completed their diplomas. During these three years, you need to strive hard and devote your efforts to meeting their permanent residency standards.
Moreover, the country is ranked number one for the quality of life and offers no discrimination based on gender or cast. So, if you plan to travel abroad and aspire to a promising career, Canada should definitely be your foremost priority.


Australia is ranked as one of the best countries worldwide for quality education. The country is primarily known for its immigration possibilities and ease of residence, not just education. Although the study in Australia is comparatively expensive, the country has a significant influx of people worldwide, especially after the amendments to the post-study visa policy in 2013.
Students are also offered a two-year work permit. Still, they have to meet the criteria and get a better position in the SOL for a prosperous future and immigration in Australia.


If you are eager to study in the USA and are looking for a permanent residency, you should have a look at both sides of the picture. Although most students aspire to go to the USA, getting immigration is certainly not a piece of cake.
Firstly, students are not allowed to take diplomas and achieve a work permit; you would certainly have to enroll in any bachelor’s or master’s program to obtain opportunities to work in the country. Even after you are done with your studies, getting a permanent residency is seemingly tough.
The USA has strict criteria for immigration, and you may have to spend a considerably long period and put all your efforts into getting a spot in the country. In some instances, students also have to work endlessly for up to 9 years to receive a permanent residency. So, if you are aspiring to study in the USA, you must look at all the possibilities and opportunities associated with it before making a final decision.

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