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Have you made up your mind to move to another country and begin a new journey in life? Moving to another country is undoubtedly a crucial decision, but what’s equally important is to find the best immigration consultants to ensure everything works just right.
With your valuable time and money at stake, you would certainly not want to risk your career. Whether you seek a study VISA to study abroad in countries like the USA, UK, and Canada or need a job seeker VISA to spark your career, you need to ascertain that you’re going with the best immigration consultants in India.
Let us help you make the right choice by discussing some valuable tips to skim through the right VISA consultant.

  • Keep an eye on the credentials.
    With so many scams all around, keeping an eye on the credentials can prove to be helpful. For instance, if you’re looking for a student VISA for Canada, it is imperative to find a consultant who has completed the consultant diploma program and is a regulated Canadian immigration consultant. You may simply visit the CCIC website to learn if they are enlisted there or not. The same goes for other countries since it is always better to be aware rather than fall victim to any scam.
  • Always go for a registered consultant.
    With so many registered and unregistered immigration consultants in India, you should always go for the registered ones and have a physical existence. You can also learn more about their online reputation by visiting their website or reading their previous client reviews before paying for the immigrant VISA.
  • Test their knowledge
    Your quest for the best immigration consultants in India requires effort. Still, it is undoubtedly better to test the consultant rather than getting the form rejected and your hard-earned money wasted. Before proceeding with the study VISA consultant, you should ask them about the process and get all your queries answered.
    This includes asking them about the legal process, the time required to complete the process, the documentation, and the expenses.
  • Abstain from agents offering job security
    Many study VISA consultants in Chandigarh often lure in applicants by providing job security, settlement plans, and much more. However, these are the agents you need to avoid the most. Professional and best immigration consultants in India would never claim to provide job securities or easy settlement since this is something an Immigration consultant cannot ensure. So, if you find a person offering securities or plans that seem too good to be true, make sure to avoid them and avert any possible scam.
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